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What car would you drive 2800 miles for a vacation?

I recently have been following a friend that had a Genius idea that when you hear it is a “DOH!
“ moment. He flew out to Las Vegas and then rented a car one way to drive home to Michigan over the course of 2 weeks. Wandering about Route 66 and off on other jaunts of interest all the way back. It’s a genius vacation although not really cheap. the car was $1500 for the one way rental because you have to pay for a shipping company to ship it back to your starting point and they roll that into the rental price. But it’s a great way to see a lot of the country without risking your own car and break downs.

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This really got me thinking, what would be the best car for this? A big old Fat Caddy or BMW 5 series or would a ford Focus be a better choice? Just 2 people and all the crap needed for 2 weeks of living on the road and in motels.

Limiting to what is currently a rental at most places, what would be your choice for a car to spend 8 days in an nearly 3000 miles behind the wheel? What would you absolutely hate to be stuck driving for that long?

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